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Hosted by Lisa Thorp from Thorp Institute and IntellBio, we’ll get you the expert information you need not found in regular channels. We talk the “truth” about wellness and give you the tools, resources and access to things that actually work and heal from the wellness Mecca of Encinitas, CA – and beyond. Leave us a message with questions, comments or show topics you’d like to hear about. 1-206-600-2475 or Email us HERE.

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Breast Health Awareness – saving our breast friends with Lisa Kalison-Tota

Lisa Kalison-Tota and Lisa Thorp

Lisa Kalison is founder of Discovery Screening, an Advanced Medical Thermal Imaging company dedicated to “Saving Breasts and Saving Lives”. She is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, Certified Professional Health Consultant, and has spent 35 years researching Integrative and Natural healing methods.
Lisa’s passion for health led to her certification as a teacher and course leader for Total Health Mastery, a series of courses and certifications in the newest, scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training.
Lisa was led to Thermography as a patient in 2007, after finding a lump in her left breast . . . but we’ll let her tell the story.

Topics covered in this show
Who is Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC? Certified Clinical Thermographer. Professional Health Consultant.
Born in Chicago. Raised with an athletic background.
Moved to California in her 20’s.
She thought she was healthy and then discovered real energy after doing an intensive cleanse leading her to becoming and student of nutrition and starting Discovery Screening.
We’re not taught that cancer cells are microscopic.
It takes 8 to 10 years for a mammography to see the caner.
1 in 78 men will die of prostate cancer if you don’t cut into it and leave it alone.
48 in 78 men will die of prostate cancer once it’s been biopsied or cut out.
Thermal Imaging explained. Functional Medicine? The function of the body. Thermal emissions.
The silent language of the immune system.
Specifically “Breast Health.”
Disease may be “trauma based.”
Gut health is key for good health.
Only 10% of the time is pain your first indicator. 90% of the time it’s your last. So you don’t want to wait until you feel something. Inflammation is the precursor to most diseases.
The gift of thermography – seeing what we can’t feel.
Visualize what you can’t feel. Have thermography yearly as a part of your physical exam.
The history of thermography since 1955.
The immune system keeps us healthy and alive and allows us to survive through treatment.
Please have respect for your doctors. They have to recommend what they’re doing or they can be held liable.
The Institute for Functional Medicine.
We’re in a time of “medical darkness.”
We have skin for a reason.
Living in a toxic soup.
Toxins out, nutrition in, proper rest and our bodies heal themselves.
Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.
92 to 95% of all supplements contain toxins.
Digestion starts with your teeth and most disease starts from bad digestion.
Structural, dental, intestinal, endocrine works in concert with the immune system.
Get ahead of your mammogram with thermal imaging.
An educated person is an empowered person. Better decisions, more educated choices, better results, feel better.
Commercialized medicine.
Pain pushes and vision pulls.
Lisa Kalison-Tota tells a client’s story.
Cancer is not a death sentence. It’s a wakeup call and our immune system saying it needs help.
Cancer tricks the brain.
Prevention is about keeping the immune system freed up to do it’s job.

Wellness Tip:
Cleaning and detoxing.

Links mentioned

Contact information
Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC
Certified Clinical Thermographer
Professional Health Consultant
Office: 760-436-8811

For more information

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006 Rheumatoid Arthritis – a very stubborn condition for Gabe Golden

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Gabe Golden and Lisa Thorp

Inspired by his 25 year challenge with rheumatoid arthritis, Gabe is writing and directing a documentary on alternative medicine, has co-produced the “Rangeland” series for the Nevada PBS affiliate and is developing an online educational program for schools based on the series.

Topics covered in this show
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Gabe’s history with Rheumatoid arthritis.
What made a difference? Detox. Gluten free. Herbs. Low dose antibiotics. Ozone therapy. Micro-current technology.
A must made documentary on wellness focusing on autoimmune diseases and body imbalance.
Sensitivity testing. Diet. Eliminating all sugar, carbs and processed foods. Keeping the blood sugar low. Paleo.
Blood types as it relates to diet.
Impact on the world. Documentary with the Savory Institute about farming.
Global warming issues. How we treat the earth. Erosion. GMO farmlands NOT serving the land or people. Letting the earth “breathing” again.
How can you make a difference? Choose what you buy. Buy local and organic. Make different choices.
Golden Productions PBS documentaries: The Endangered West, Rangeland Under Fire, Rangeland Water.
How the Thorp Institute and Gabe came together. The microcurrent technology’s role in rheumatoid arthritis.
Bioenergetics and Functional Medicine. The BioScope.

Health tip
Emotional and mental health: Be aware of your state of mind.

Links mentioned

Contact information
Gabe Golden
Golden Productions-San Diego

For more information

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005 Mindful Nourishment – a strategy for change from Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson





Give us a call: 1-206-600-2475
Sends us an email:

Topics covered in this show
Gaining health through meditation and mindful nourishment – Tranquil Transformation.
Erin’s previous work included strategy and planning for the Economist and Forbes magazine.
Soul searching brought Erin to meditation and started a change in her life.
Mantras – Words with a frequency to help calm thoughts and the mind.
Light and Chakras explained. Visualization and Color. Scientifically proven and backed.
Assessing what integrative approach to take and for what reasons.
Making meditation simple to integrate into your life. How long should you meditate and how often?
Stories, challenges and examples.
Addictive foods and medications. A plan to stop – Mindful Nourishment. Hydration with good water.
David Deida – living as love.

Health tip: Begin a breathing practise to get in touch with your breath. Start a practise of meditation so you can learn to pause and become self-aware for seeking balance.

Links mentioned
Erin Johnson’s website GLISTEN Request a FREE 20-minute consultation
Transcendental Meditation
David Deida

Contact information
Erin Johnson, GLISTEN
13754 Mango Drive, Suite 128
Del Mar, CA 92014

For more information

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004 Qigong – The Bliss You Plan with Dr. Madison Mansy

Dr. Madison Mansy, DMQ

Give us a call: 1-206-600-2475
Sends us an email:

Qigong: We’re not talking about needles, herbs or massage today. This show is about Qigong as an Integrative Medicine approach to cancer, traumas and working with caring for physical bodies, mental strengthening, awareness and spiritual coping.
Dr. Madison Mansy, DMQ gives people an experience of overcoming the side effects of cancer, addictions and other life crises. In other words . . . the side effects of life.
She talks in depth about the three bodies: physical. energetic, spiritual body and how she gives people exercises to take away from her sessions so they can learn to have self-help tools to further their healing.

Links mentioned
Dr. Madison Mansy website
Dr. Madison Mansy on Yelp

Contact information
Dr. Madison Mansy, DMQ
Madison Mansy on

For more information

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003 Dr. Justina Tseng MD, Heart-centered doctoring for heart-centered living

Justina Tseng MD

Give us a call: 1-206-600-2475
Sends us an email:

AmoraMED Institute is an integrative and functional medicine practice.

AmoraMED Institute’s purpose is to inspire and empower each individual to successfully engage in health, healing, and self-care. They honor heart-centered doctoring for heart-centered living.

Today you’ll get to know what it feels like to be treated by an integrative and functional medicine doctor. We get to know Dr. Tseng and the kind of client she typically sees, and go on to talk about inflammation, detoxing, liver support, functional medicine, fibromyalgia, celiac, and spirituality.

Links mentioned

AmoraMED Institute

Institute for Functional Medicine

Contact information

Justina Tseng MD

Medical Director


222 N Acacia Ave, Solana Beach CA 92075

For more information

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Check out this episode!

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002 Tennille Al-Azzawi will help you unstick your life with Feng Shui


Today Lisa is joined by her Feng Shui perfector Tennille Al-Azzawi who has worked in Lisa’s home and office. They talk about care, organization and cleansing our spaces. Take care of your home, and your home will take care of you.

Topics covered today

Improve your health.
Improve your finances.
Cleaning your clutter to unstick your life.
The Elements and your five senses.

Contact information
Tennille Al-Azzawi
Giving Tree Feng Shui
619-787-7673  for more information.

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001 Fully Loaded Micro Juicery with Kaz Murphy

Lisa Thorp and Kaz Murphy
Todays opening show introduces Lisa Thorp from the Thorp Institute and her long-time friend Kaz Murphy from Fully Loaded Micro Juicery. We also get a chance to get to know some of the staff and friends from the Thorp Institute.

Be sure to visit to see the show notes, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or download and subscribe with Stitcher for Android.

Topics discussed
Green juices, fruit juices. Juicing as a lifestyle.
Cold pressed process.
How best to absorb and hydrate with juices.
Juice Therapy.
A new cleanse is coming!

Intros to some of the staff members and friends of the Thorp Institute

Lisa Thorp
Emily Cheek
John Thorp
Andrea Bono
Nancy Princetta
Sarah Madsen
Heather Gervasi
Matthew Worchester Montgomery

Contact information

Fully Loaded Micro Juicery
466 N. Coast Hwy 101 Ste 5
Encinitas, CA 92024
760-944-2840 store  for more information.

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Prayer Flags Workshop Sat June 21

Prayer Flags - traditional
Saturday, June 21st, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Cost: $15.00 with registration
Location: Celestial Healings
619 S. Vulcan Ave., Suite 202
Encinitas, CA 92024
(corner of Vulcan and E St.)
Parking and entrance in the rear.

Event details:
In this workshop we will explore a little traditional history on prayer flags, move into some newer history and then jump right into modern prayer flags. When we are finished, YOU will be the proud owner of your very own set of custom prayer flags that speak intimately to you and your needs.

We will provide all the supplies needed for creating your own set of prayer flags; however, if here is something special that you would like to include in your flags, please bring it with you to the workshop.


Reserve your seat, register now  either by phone or visiting:

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Detox Clinic – Spring is here so let’s clean house!


Date: 05/17/2014
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Celestial Healings
619 S. Vulcan Ave., Suite 202
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-717-4751
Cost: Clinic Special of Only $70

Must have an appointment and there are only a limited amount. Call for 760-717-4751 for your appointment today!

Just as you would do Spring cleaning for your home, so too should you clean out your body. These days we are exposed to toxins in everything from the air that we breathe to the food that we eat. These toxins have a negative effect on our bodies.  Help your body combat these toxins with a BioMat & Ionic Foot Cleanse detox combo.

The BioMat is an amethyst lined therapy mat that delivers the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues. Using Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s healing light, it helps your body release toxins. FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave.

The Ionic Foot Cleanse is an amazingly effective and safe treatment. This immune boosting foot soak draws tissue acid waste out of the body through the estimated 2000 pores in your feet with the use of sea salt infused water and a negative ion array. This treatment stabilizes the body so that normal physiological functions run at optimal levels, particularly the uptake of necessary nutrients and the elimination of unwanted waste.

The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.


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